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watercolor painted flowers, floral arrangement for textile design, design for dress, blouse, apparel

On-trend and beyond
hand-painted textile design

with a Fine Art touch

watercolor painted flowers, hand-painted floral composition for textile design, brushes
brush strokes surface pattern design abstract, texture, expressive, ink, hand-painted


ESKAYVI offers: 


  • print design licensing through Patternbank
  • fabric and wallpaper through Spoonflower
  • available for commissions and collaborations
  • support with developing original designs and collections to suit your vision
  • creating repeats, color separation, and indexing
block printed triangles, geometric surface pattern design
  • Elena Skvirskaya has 5+ years of experience in the textile design industry as a freelance and a full-time designer
  • ability to interpret trends and find the right style for the project
  • extensive experience working from briefs
  • versatility in utilizing different techniques: watercolor, gouache, ink, pen illustration
  • a wide range of subjects: florals, paisleys, global designs, abstracts/geometrics
  • art history and fine art background
gouache painted paileys, folk global
global dots design, colorful, hand-painted textile design

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