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hand-painted floral textile design
Photo Portrait of textile designer and artist Elena Skvirskaya Brooklyn NY


ESKAYVI features the work of Brooklyn-based artist and textile designer Elena Skvirskaya.

"Having worked in the industry for 5+ years as a freelance and full-time designer, I decided to branch out on my own. That's how ESKAYVI was born. I offer original hand-painted designs with an art history approach to researching and fine art touch. I constantly explore new ideas and techniques to bring innovative and artistic prints for your products".

How it all started:

"In one of my drawing lessons, I was asked to draw a mask of a Greek god. My drawing was messy but it felt "alive". It felt like magic to create something that felt "real" on a flat piece of paper.

During my studies for BA in Art History, I was always curious about the ideas and inspiration behind different art movements and styles. In order to better understand the "why" behind these works of art, I started creating art myself. That is when this moment of drawing something "alive" happened. Since then, I approached learning not just as an art history enthusiast but also as an artist. I discovered that "magic" or "alive" can mean different things. Sometimes it is about composition that brings everything together as a whole; sometimes, it is about color that dances around and creates the energy; and sometimes, it is the quality of a line that makes the subject feel animated.

These adventures led me to MFA in Painting. And, eventually, I was introduced to textile design. It offered so many styles, themes, different cultures, and historic periods to explore. Every time I would take on a new challenge with curiosity and a sense of adventure, trying to discover the "magic" again. It became my process: comprehensive research, diving deep into learning the technique and translating these discoveries into original textile prints that carry that "spark" that I grew to value so much". 

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